Building A Deeper Connection Between Teams and Their Fans

Think about this. Your favorite sports team. Why do you cheer for them? Why do you make it a point to watch every minute of every game? Why does every win mean the world to you and why does every loss seem like it is the end of the world? Where did this loyalty come from? Whether they are winning the league every single year or happen to be the worst team in the history of the sport, you still fully support them and would do anything to see them succeed.

This connection started somewhere. Your hometown team. A favorite player. A memorable moment at the stadium. A family outing that you will never forget. Or even something else. Something more.

Whatever the reason, these moments strike something in your mind that helps you remember them forever. You then get the desire to create more of these memories by finding ways to become more connected to the organization, team, or individual players. Buying season tickets. Going to team appearances. Attending a playoff or championship game.

Well, sports fans you are in luck! Through the use of augmented reality Overworld allows you to engage with your favorite sports team in various ways such as getting to know the players on a more personal level, seeing highlights of past games, participating in interactive games, and much more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Overworld helps organizations build better relationships with sponsors or local businesses by providing more value to each company’s logo. With the ability to expand on every brand image by hosting augmented reality content related to promotional ads, rewards programs, prize giveaways, or discounts, end users are given an opportunity to communicate with sponsors beyond just seeing the logo on the sideline or within the stadium.

Game Day Experience

The game day experience for sports fans will be enhanced as they are given opportunities to interact in more immersive ways both within and around the stadium. Fans can “hang out” with current and former players, view historical moments relating to the organization, or play interactive tailgating games with other fans. Overworld provides every sports fan a way to become more captivated with their surroundings while watching their favorite team play.

The Team

Michael Thomas

Co-Founder & COO

Michael was a professional soccer player for 7 years, most recently serving as team captain for the Oklahoma City Energy FC. During his athletic career he was a leader both on and off the field and founded Soccer Allies, a youth soccer program of camps and clinics. As a firm believer of the impact fan connection can have on an athletic organization, he brings industry insight both as a player and sports entrepreneur to the Overworld team. Since hanging up the boots, Michael has enjoyed having more time to coach, watch his beloved Liverpool, and hang out with his boxer, Kona. 

Ben Campbell

Co-Founder & CEO

Ben’s background is primarily in the entertainment industry with a background in music, film, graphic design, and game design. His experience as a musician, booking agent, and venue owner led him to found a technology company to help facilitate independent concert booking. After discovering Augmented Reality as a media, he quickly realized it as an opportunity to combine several of his passions and has been developing AR content since 2016. Ben played club lacrosse for the University of Oklahoma, competes in Spartan races at the Beast distance, and dreams of one day hitting a buzzer on American Ninja Warrior. 

Ross Forsyth

Co-Founder & CTO

Ross began his career as a petroleum engineer but felt a draw to software. After learning to program in his freetime, he made the career switch to full time developer in 2016 to become the lead developer of Snowvation, an international platform for booking ski instruction. He also serves as the Manager of Programs and Development at the National Weather Museum where he has implemented VR, robotics and AR through mobile devices as well as scanning and projecting techniques. Ross has completed an Iron Man race, loves to travel and has lived internationally.